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Are the Palimpeeps watching the Wolf Hall adaptation on BBC 2 with Mark Rylance and Damien Lewis? The first episode was remarkable in its spareness; and felt like a studious attempt to avoid the sumptuousness often laid on with a trowel in most period dramas.

Sadly the spareness of the exposition may have lost it viewers. I believe the figures dropped by a cool 1m for episode 2, which is a crying shame, since this episode was one of the best things I've seen in ages. The cast, of course, is superb. Mark Gatiss deserves special mention as a fabulously sinister Stephen Gardiner; also Saskia Reeves as Cromwell's housekeeper.

The second episode also had some of the lovely touches of very dry humour that are used to such good effect in the book. I think for once the endless trails might have been worth it.
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