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Default Re: GOTCHA! (your Majesty)

Apologies for my absence in these parts in the last four weeks. I have been doing serious campaigning on the Richard-to-York front, writing letters to MP's and newspapers non-stop, speaking in radio interviews and keeping on top of the daily alterations that occur in the situation. This coming Tues, the MP for York Central is initiating an Adjournment Debate in parliament, to halt the on-rush of preparations in Leicester and to seriously address the dubious legality of the exhumation licence, the process of selecting Leicester (which appears to have been agreed by private agreement between Leicester Cathedral and the RIII Society in 2010, some two years+ before the actual search for Richard's remains), and the claims of twelve collateral descendants who are firmly requesting that the remains be brought back to York, in accord with Richard's own likely wishes.

I hope to be back Palimping in the next couple of days, which will keep me sane between the dawn-to-dusk coverage of RIII news and campaigning, and return me to a proper world of books and films! Anyone who might support the Richard-to-York cause, please email your MP to support the adjournment debate on Tuesday. I can provide any info needed.
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