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Well quite, indeed as I read the book now Leroi has just made a related point (that no animals have by design more than five fingers/toes on each limb), and has also told me that the genes which are responsible for growth of the arms and legs, feet and hands (or deformities thereof), are also responsible for the genitals, so

it should be no surprise that some mutations afflict both. The widely rumoured positive correlation between foot and penis size also, surprisingly, turns out to be at least partly true. No man should be judged by the size of his feet, however, for the correlation, though statistically significant, is weak. And then, such data as there are concern 'stretched' rather than erect penis length, surely the variable of interest. Still, when the French refer to the penis as le troisieme jambe, peid-de-roi or petit doigt; and the English refer to best-leg-of-three, down-leg or middle-leg, not forgetting the optimistic yard which elsewhere means three feet, they speak truer than they know.
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