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Default Re: Top Ten Short-Lived TV Series

Two series I'd honestly forgotten that belong on the list ahead of, say, The Delphi Project and Salvage One:

11) Max Headroom (ABC) In which (a half-hour into the future, as the intro screen tells us, but a little more dystopian than any political party has managed to create, so far - but give them time... ) reporter Edison Carter (played by the frenetically talented Canadian Matt Frewer) sped out of his broadcasting studio's underground parking garage on his motorcycle a bit too fast, hit the sign over the exit (which said "Max Headroom... (some number a bit lower than Carter's head) ), and was given up for dead, handed over to the studio's pet genius for experimentation, and whose mind was recorded on computer... Carter got better, and the copy of his mind remained in cyberspace... good was done to the accompaniment of Carter's riotously funny id Max Headroom, thereafter for a far too short run of episodes... especially given that Carter's partner was Theora Jones, played by the eminently edible Amanda Pays.


12) Doctor, Doctor.. (CBS), also featuring Matt Frewer, and until The Big Bang Theory, the funniest television program the Columbia Broadcasting System had telecast before or afterwards. Frewer is a master of comedic timing, and could write like a demon... he also acted in the SyFy series Eureka, which lasted too long, if you ask me... any science in that "science-fiction" series happened purely by mistake, but Frewer's acting (as the cryptid hunter "Rob Taggart") was one of the very best things about the show.

Last night, Max Headroom came to mind along with another late, lamented series featuring a female lead with a body made for sin, but I've since forgotten it. Old age strikes again :(
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