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Default Re: Top Ten Short-Lived TV Series

Originally Posted by Colyngbourne View Post
I don't have ten - but I have three (so far):

Ultraviolet (1998 ) - a Channel 4 series about vampires in the UK: dark, unfunny, but cancelled after one series. It starred Jack Davenport and Idris Elba.
I have a DVD of a movie called Ultraviolet which I seem to remember being vampirish (that was during the Years of Fentanyl for Cancer Pain, and my memory of that time has more holes than fabric in it). It seemed to be about a hot vampire chick not unlike the protagonist in Resident Evil with a taste for shooting people, but I also seem to remember that the end of the movie was pretty much the end of the bad guys, which would have killed the prospects for a TV spin-off.

Originally Posted by Colyngbourne View Post
Dark Skies (1996) - US sci-fi aliens in the 1960's drama, with the wonderful JT Walsh.
My wife and I sat through that series with our jaws open... they had America in the '60s DOWN PAT... until it came time to for everyone important in the show but J.T. Walsh's character to go hippie, which killed the show for me, because everyone knows that serious alien-dealing-with people were much too serious back then to take LSD and wear their maiden aunts' clothes.

<action: shrugs> That's when my willing suspension of disbelief up and died, anyway. And until then, they had it so RIGHT....
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