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Default Re: Top Ten Short-Lived TV Series

Originally Posted by Colyngbourne View Post
I don't have ten - but I have three (so far):

Ultraviolet (1998 ) - a Channel 4 series about vampires in the UK: dark, unfunny, but cancelled after one series. It starred Jack Davenport and Idris Elba.

Torchwood - I think the first two series showed that it could adapt and grow, but RTD seemed resolved to break the US market but also simultaneously appeared keen to actually kill the whole enterprise off. The latter of which he did, very successfully.

Dark Skies (1996) - US sci-fi aliens in the 1960's drama, with the wonderful JT Walsh.

And what the hell, I will add Bugs (1995 +) - because we enjoyed it - which gave both Jesse Birdsall something to do after El Dorado, but also had the lovely Jaye Griffiths.
I agree with you that Robert T. Davies seemed intent to outrage as many American sensitivities in Torchwood as he possibly could. Which is an artistic decision he was perfectly entitled to make, and echoed in several of the later Dr. Who episodes (the one in which most of the people turning into receptacles for fat were Americans, for example).

That's Mr. Davies' business, of course, but it had me and a number of other American Doctor Who fans (I've followed the show on US public television stations since the very early 1980s) doing something else, unaccountably, when BBC America broadcast new Doctor Who episodes. Cars won't wash themselves, and you can't put root canal surgery off until something actually goes wrong with your teeth - even in a country which fluoridates its water and where tooth-brushing is the first step toward successful dating.

Fortunately, BBC and TimeWarner market almost the entire classic Doctor Who oeuvre on tape and DVD.

It's a shame that Davies has that idee fixé about an entire nation. You could excuse Anthony Burgess thinking that way, his wife had been raped by American servicemen (the penalty for rape in the US Armed Services' Uniform Code of Military Justice used to be death, no lollygagging about it, and unfortunately is no longer), and it's thought the trauma from that experience informed A Clockwork Orange.

Sigh. Time to stop dwelling on unhappy thoughts, as my wife would tell me.
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