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Default Re: Top Ten Short-Lived TV Series

I don't have ten - but I have three (so far):

Ultraviolet (1998 ) - a Channel 4 series about vampires in the UK: dark, unfunny, but cancelled after one series. It starred Jack Davenport and Idris Elba.

Torchwood - I think the first two series showed that it could adapt and grow, but RTD seemed resolved to break the US market but also simultaneously appeared keen to actually kill the whole enterprise off. The latter of which he did, very successfully.

Dark Skies (1996) - US sci-fi aliens in the 1960's drama, with the wonderful JT Walsh.

And what the hell, I will add Bugs (1995 +) - because we enjoyed it - which gave both Jesse Birdsall something to do after El Dorado, but also had the lovely Jaye Griffiths.
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