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Default Re: Top Ten: authors whose new book I would rush out to buy in a heartbeat

Originally Posted by Colyngbourne View Post
As Diana Wynne Jones died earlier this year, I would probably put in Charlie Higson as a substitute, and also add Margaret Atwood.
Reading Diana Wynne Jones' Reflections, her last work, a compilation of essays and speeches she gave toward the end of her life on writing, and which I found much more useful (or at least encouraging) to me as an aspiring writer of fiction than, say, Orson Scott Card's How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Since the efforts I was inspired to write for the two major American markets in science fiction and fantasy since reading Mrs. Jones's book were met with rejection slips, I obviously need more in the way of instruction, more practice at writing, or both. But Reflections is also an enjoyable read, which Mr. Card's book, sad to say, was not.
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