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Default Re: Folio Prize 2015

I agree with paddyjoe regarding 10:40. Not only did I feel like I was missing something, I wasn't even positive I understood what the author was trying 'to say'.

Others from the list that I read and disliked: Power's Orfeo (torturous for me) and Faber's The Book of Strange New Things. They may be well done and have their merits for others, but they were definitely not my taste.

Like paddyjoe, I also liked Artic Summer and Lila. I won't be surprised to see Lila on the final list.

I would be happy to see The Zone of Interest on the shortlist. Long ago I attempted to read Martin Amis and abandoned him quickly. I never thought I would read him again - but I decided to give him another try and was surprised by how impressed I was with this book. (Was it low expectations as I really did not like him previously? No, I think it is truly an excellent novel.)

I was also very impressed with In The Light Of What We Know by Zia Haider Rahman. I remember it received excellent reviews and I expected to see it represented on the awards front. It wasn't. Hopefully, the Folio will give it its due. I thought it was a smart and challenging debut. The problem with it may be that it is a novel that is more easily admired than liked (I read something to that effect in a review - it may have been in The Guardian - and I suppose I, grudgingly, agree.) I know other readers didn't seem to like it much. Still, I hope it makes the shortlist.

I also wouldn't mind seeing Nora Webster, The Lives of Others and, maybe, The Emperor Waltz shortlisted. There are some very good choices among the 80 and I'm glad the Folio shared the list. It allows for a little speculation.

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