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Really enjoyed 'Solar' and have read most of McEwan's novels. This was the first that was quite deliberately comic but strangely dealing with a very serious topic. It's really quite a strange mixture with almost elements of farce about it which I cannot really explain in too much detail in case it spoils it for others who have not yead read it. However, the incident on the train is extremely funny as the follow up to it at the meeting Michael Beard speaks at. Beard is actually quite an unpleasant character but at the same time has endearing human failings and incredible good fortune. Not realistic? Well, how often is there speculation about how is it possible for people to love and be attracted to the most outrageous of individuals and be clearly blind to their faults?
'Solar' held me throughout and I would say that it stands a good chance of Booker longlisting. Met McEwan at a signing recently and said I hoped this for the book. If I read his answer right he seemed to hope this too but said somewhat cautiously that 'a book has a life outside such things'. We shall see.
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