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Default Re: Cliff Knoetz's "The Candid Voice" - a Don Brawn thriller

I noticed an unusual jump in the daily readership (up from zero) so that explains it! I find myself enjoying it so much that I momentarily consider going back, revising out the obvious cheese and taking it all seriously, but then I feel the urge to take the piss again instead. As a result the tone may be a bit variable... The word count so far is around 8500, probably about what a non-Dan Brownian author would call Chapter One - so when I finish the next I may group them as Part One. Brown and Cussler never thought of THAT!

I'm basically writing it in short bursts with no plan whatsoever. A "chapter" usually arrives over a couple of days: one to start, one to finish, then a quick spell check and it's up. So that's one spell check away from how the pros seem to do things. The updates may slow down a bit now as I'm finally going to be working in the real world again to pay the bills, which is one of the reasons I thought I'd start "publicising".

I'm going to work in the snippets that have already appeared on The Thriller in a Manila (a couple already have) so for example one villainous name is already decided upon, but aside from that I'm letting whatever randomly falls out of my head dictate what happens next. Then I go on Wikipedia to flesh out the details or GoogleMap to discover the geography of exciting places I've never been to (so far, that only means Washington D.C., but that rather striking church in the banner will have to play a part too). One aspect of the grand finale is distantly visible in my mind's eye, again as a result of the random content arrival, but other than that I'm as much in the dark as any lucky readers!
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