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Default Cliff Knoetz's "The Candid Voice" - a Don Brawn thriller

I know I've not been posting creative writings here much of late - not sure my rejection letters count for a start - and I'm sorry about that. I'm trying to get something published at the moment, and if that ever happens doubt it not that I'll be mentioning it once or twice, every single day. Naturally though, you must all be hungry for something up to my usual glossy standards in the meantime.

I realise that, of course, over the last week everyone on the Palimp has bought a copy of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol and is deep in it at this very moment, probably drooling with delight. Junkmonkey for definite, but then he's watching his version via the magic of technology. It probably performs it for him using a digitised rendering of Tom Hanks himself. Voiced by Harrison Ford. So I'll understand if you're too busy at the moment, but...

Those of you in the know will be aware of a fledgeling rival to the globe-spanning adventures of Robert Langdon. Part of my plea bargain, agreed with Cliff Knoetz's legal team, has been to occasionally humble myself by promoting his work, and he has informed me that the first ten chapters of his d├ębut epic are now available for viewing on one of his many websites.

Cliff has instructed me to provide a link and to invite any comments or speculations as to where the action will head from here - in fact, as a final slap in the face, I am compelled from here on in to respond as if I was the actual author of the work in question myself. It's a sad and painful day for me, but if it's a choice between this and prison...

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