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Enlightening and entertaining Bill, thanks for that.

Though scorpions are in fact evil Arachnidae, and there's nothing the Arachnidae like to munch on more than our beloved insects, flies in particular. Scarabs on the other hand, are insects, and some are particularly beautiful:

Unfortunately they are related to the Dung Beetles but then, we all have a relative or two that we don't like to be associated with don't we? It must be pretty annoying to spread your golden wings and fly majestically over your domain with a colleague or a prospective partner, only to have your lowlife cousin shout up a coarse yet comradely salutation while merrily rolling his ball of dung around. Ugh.

Unfortunately for this beautiful beetle, a googlefight between scarab and scorpion puts the venomous eight legged freak ahead by the best part of 4 million hits. Even the allegedly indestructible cockroach is 3.695 million hits behind the scorpion. So, all those urban legends about cockroaches (which are after all, fragrant and gentle insects) emerging after the nuclear winter and taking over the planet are clearly wrong. It's the scorpions we have to worry about. Perhaps we should reintroduce napalm and DDT. Lets rid the planet of these vile, poisonous vermin before they start attacking our homes. Stomp, stomp hard on them, before it's too late.

Sorry, I just finished a particularly crappy nightshift, and that tends to bring out the pedant in me.
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