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I have only heard Hurt once, when the video featured on the Top 100 Music Videos of All Time thing recently on C4. They were right.

I mostly listen to music when gyming these days (my car has only a crappy cassette player which chews all the tapes, so I don't listen to music-chosen-by-me there), and as my iPod shuffle delivers songs at random, there aren't any I'm selecting myself - though I do get an extra boost of endorphins when it serves up anything by the Killers, or (in tune with Col) There She Goes, My Beautiful World.

The only music purchases I've made recently are on iTunes: Jem's They, and, er, Rod Stewart's Handbags and Gladrags. Let me explain the latter. I was driving into town on Saturday morning when it came on Jonathan Ross's Radio 2 show. I was only half-listening because the song has become, if not devalued, then at least wildly over-familiar from the Stereophonics cover version as featured in the credits to The Office. Imagine my surprise when Rod Stewart's version was so well delivered that I found it impossibly beautiful and was practically on the brink of tears listening to it. Rod Stewart in not crap shock? Well, he's always had a certain amount of good taste in songs he covers - Downtown Train for example - but his buffoonish image has always made me dismiss him as a bit of a joke. Was I wrong?

Oh and for the near future: I will be buying Gorillaz' Demon Days, White Stripes' Get Behind Me Satan, and probably Coldplay's X&Y.
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