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Default Re: The Great Lapse

Oh dear. I read through this and realized it was only a lapse on the part of the administrators way back then that caused the problem, but what if, what if? Administrators, if you would not mind, could you tell me how much it costs per month to keep this site running? (A personal email will do just fine if it is a sensitive subject.) I’m not going to make a premature commitment to paying for an entire month (especially if the price tag is some out-of-this-world amount), but I do think this site is important (as I have been reading your posts since 200, and I would like to contribute as much as my student loans will allow (I told those bastards in Ottawa, those responsible for issuing loans, that I was forced to live in one of the most expensive rental suites in Victoria, which is a damn expensive place to live in to begin with [when really I’m leeching off a friend]). I would like to donate a small amount, so an estimate would be great.

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