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Default Re: Book 54: THE HANDMAID'S TALE by Margaret Atwood

I was okay with the flat prose, though I gritted my teeth through some of it, especially the more floaty bits: it seemed in character and in context. But I found the exposition of the regime and how it arose soooo longwinded and detailed in the wrong way. It didn't seem consistent. Where were the people arguing for freedom, for joy? There are plenty of Biblical quotes that could counter the dogma of the regime, that no thinking person seems to have tried out (in the account we're given anyway).

If Atwood was going to explain her dystopia (unlike Ishiguro in Never Let Me Go (where characters are repressed and buried alive in an entirely different way), who is writing not sci-fi and rightly tells us nothing about how the status quo arrived), then she didn't do it quite well enough.

(I have read at least three, possibly four, other Atwoods and enjoyed them all, particularly Oryx and Crake.)
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