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Default Re: Book 55: THE PROFESSOR OF DESIRE by Philip Roth

Oh, I'm glad it wasn't just me that struggled to read this one. I would also give it overall but for the 250 pages in my copy, it took me about a week and a struggle to finish it during the 12+ hour journey back from the States today. I had read Everyman before now and loved that but found there was less appeal in Kepesh to draw me in.

Like Beth, I found the latter half of the book more appealing, although the persistent references to the erotic in literature just made the character of Kepesh fairly tedious after a while: for all his profession of comparative literature, all we heard him obsess about was the erotica.

Arriving home, I checked the film pages of today's Indy and find that Elegy is out today - based on The Dying Animal, another Kepesh story (and seemingly still obsessed with pendulous breasts).
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