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Default Re: Top 10 Misused Words

Originally Posted by John Self View Post
3. Continue from here...
It's always particularly annoying when a word is used to mean the total opposite of what it really means.

3. hoi poloi
Major quibble: with people who use it to refer to the priviliged élite, whereas it actually refers to the common masses.
Minor quibble: with people who say the hoi poloi [hoi means the...]

4. infer confused with imply, as in What are you inferring by that?

5. substitute confused with replace, as in Why don't you substitute the sugar by honey? [when it's actually a question of substituting honey for the sugar...]


Originally Posted by ono no komachi View Post
[...] to stop any passing visitor getting their hands on, for example, a junior doctor's home address, religion and sexuality.
There must be more direct ways of getting one's hands on a junior doctor's sexuality, surely?
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