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Default Re: The Carpet Remnant World of Stewart Lee, Cheltenham Town Hall

Completely missed this thread at the time, but I went to two different dates on the same tour (one sold out in Norwich, one more than half empty in King's Lynn) and can only second your opinion, Ono. Had a brilliant time both nights, with my enjoyment of the second gig in no way diminished by having seen exactly the same show a few weeks before. Because, in fact, it wasn't the same show, as although the structure and heart and most of the words of the performance were identical, Stewart Lee demonstrated his skill beautifully in adapting to a much smaller, more intimate audience in the most perfect way. Mr Lucoid was particularly impressed with how personable Lee was when they chatting over a DVD* signing later, which came as a pleasant surprise - turns out he's not all gleeful venom and vitriol.

* Fist of Fun, a highlight of my teens which I've been desperate to revisit but still haven't got very far into as there's been far too much worth watching on the telly lately.
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