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Default Re: Your most recommended read of 2017?

I didn't read enough last year to bother doing a top ten, but I did read a few excellent books. Some of them have received enough attention already (Reservoir 13 just won best novel in the Costas, Anything is Possible and Five Carat Soul are both on Barack Obama's best of 2017 list...) so the one I'd recommend would be The Collected Stories of Peter Taylor. Taylor won the Pulitzer in 1987 and his Complete Stories have recently been given the Library of America treatment, but even so, I'm not sure he's read as much as he deserves to be, especially not here in the UK (there are no British editions in print of any of his books). His stories are largely set in the American South, and of the 20th century Southern short story writers I've read like Flannery O'Connor, Truman Capote, Caroline Gordon or Doris Betts, I'd say Taylor is my favourite. Superb stuff.

Also, Jeremy Brooks's 1960 novel Jampot Smith is a great read if you enjoy authors like Stan Barstow or David Storey.
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