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Default Re: This is the News

I am Scottish, though I live in England. I don't often visit Scotland because my parents are no longer there. It will probably make very little difference to me, personally, if the vote is Yes, though I'll regret the demise of the blue bit on the Union Jack. But I think it will make a lot of difference to England in general, as well as to the Scots and other people living in Scotland, and not in a good way.

When the dust settles, Scots will realise that the mainspring of their existence - hatred of the Sassenach - is a little meaningless, and they will turn on each other with old scores to settle - SNP versus Labour, Glasgow versus Edinburgh, Macdonald versus Campbell, Protestant versus Catholic. In England, industry will find it harder to get good managers and software engineers, who have traditionally come from Scotland. It may actually become harder to emigrate to England if Scotland isn't a member of the EU. Traditionally, Scottish education turned out people like myself who found work in the wider world.

There will be years of wrangling between Westminster and Edinburgh about who gets what in the divorce settlement. Just imagine what a bonanza that will be for lawyers, accountants, estate agents, civil servants, managers of NHS facilities. Frankly, Scotland doesn't do too badly from the union in terms of subsidy versus tax. The current level of devolution seems to have disposed of many of the traditional resentments we Scots felt about Westminster. It may encourage the No vote if Scots hear that many of the less salubrious type of English person is saying "Good Riddance".

Finally, I ought to remark that a) I should have had a vote - born and bred in Scotland from Scottish parents. b) Giving 16 year olds a vote is tipping the balance a little too far. When I was 16 and living in Scotland, I'd have voted Yes too. Teenagers always vote for revolution.

I am not and have never been a member of the Conservative party, or any other party for that matter. Politicians will muck this up if they can, and no-one will benefit, whichever way the vote goes. I promise you.
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