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Default Top 10 sad songs

I'm going to have to cheat on this one: it's going to be a Top 12, with a few honourable mentions. I could have named 10 hymns easily where I have to pause and mouth the words instead.

1. Speak, my tongue, the glorious battle - a plainchant hymn which chokes me every year when we sing it at the Maunday Thursday 'Stripping of the Altars' service; the the church is divested of ornament as it is sung, the lights go down, a simple cross brought centre-stage, and the congregation depart as the all-night vigil in church begins.

2. Wild Mountain Heather – Libby Kennedy on Neighbours singing it at Drew's funeral...trying not to think about it too much....don't watch it on Youtube whatever you do...

3. Don’t Let It Bring You Down – Annie Lennox/Neil Young

4. Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton - No's 4 & 5 I have known at funerals of young people.

5. Heaven (Bryan Adams/DJ Sammy) – John Barrowman

6. Hurt – Johnny Cash

7. Fareweel Regality – Rachel Unthank & the Winterset - the song I spent 2008 weeping to, when I needed it.

8. Two Little Boys – Rolf Harris - probably the first song I remember feeling teary over; is it a generational thing? Will C21st babies feel this way about it when they're grown?

9. Alexandra Leaving – Leonard Cohen

10. Bright Eyes - Art Garfunkel

11. Into the West – Annie Lennox; another funeral song.

12. Ne me quitte pas or Je ne sais pas – Jacques Brel - torn between these two. I don't like Brel's over-emotional delivery of the first, but the poetry in it is finer.

Honourable mentions to songs that are terribly weepy in context of their films:

This Nearly Was Mine – South Pacific: Emile feels he has lost his chance at love

Slipping Through My Fingers – Mamma Mia! - a love song to a daughter - wah!

Somewhere – West Side Story
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