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Default Re: Brokeback Mountain

I just saw this film today. I must say that I think it was outstanding. I do wish that, and this doesn't happen all that often, I had seen the movie first. I think some of the emotional impact was decreased by the fact that I knew what was going to happen. Looking around me in the theater, I could see that many were teary eyed and I did hear a few sniffles. The scenery and the acting made this film a cut above. The simple things that Proulx focused on, the postcards, the simplicity of the converstations and the shirt were wonderful. My sister thought it was in a way, it certainly wasn't Spiderman or a rolicking who done it. IMHO, readers tend to enjoy "slow" movies more often than those who don't read much. (my sister is NOT a reader) This is just a personal observation.

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