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You may well be right. But surely there is a point at which New Labour will have to stop banging on about the Tories' record in power - after all, it was eight years ago. I'd rather they had the confidence to campaign on their own record, rather than on the fact that the opposition aren't terribly credible.

Those proposed posters featuring Howard as a hypnotist were a little unpleasant, though it's important to remember they were just ideas, and were never to be actually used.

This is all by-the-by anyway, really. Labour to win on a reduced but still significant majority.

As for the main question of this forum, whether the Tories are doomed, I'm not sure they are forever. Think of this election as 1987 with the two main parties swapped round. At some point, Labour will become as power hungry and bankrupt of ideas as the Tories were in 1997.
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