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I hope this is helpful for your Question 2, beth, and not too confusing!

To put a Reading List or Flickr Page into your signature, first of all you need to know the URL (web address) of the page you want to link to. For your Flickr page, this will be in the address bar when you're on your Flickr page. Go to your Edit Signature page and click on the Hyperlink button to insert the link to your Flickr page; copy and paste your Flickr address into the box and press OK. Your signature box will give you a highlighted chunk in the middle of its formatting which you can change to whatever you like eg. My Flickr Page - these will then be the hyperlinked words you can click in your signature.

For your Reading List here at Palimpsest you need to go to your Reading List and find out its exact location (by clicking on its post count number on the top right of your post (yours is #36)

Your reading list address comes out as this - (but I have removed the http:// bit so that you can see it all)

And you can link to just your Reading List post by, again, going to your Edit Signature page in User CP. You can click on the hyperlink icon and, again, post that above address into the box provided, and change the highlighted text to My Reading List or some such.

If you want to link to your Reading List but it be still embedded in the page where it is (rather than an isolated post on its own), you have to change the address slightly, to this: (I have highlighted the changes in blue, and put curly brackets so that it doesn't automatically link!)

{url=]My reading List[/url}

To hyperlink to a particular photo, if it is hosted at Flickr, then the URL of that pic is usually given when you look at the All Sizes option (usually underneath the picture in a little box of its own); find the URL of the size of picture you want to link to, and when you make your post at the Palimp, use the icon for linking to an image (the little pic of the mountains above the text box), and put in the URL you have copied from your Flickr (or any other) page.

(And I hope I haven't got any of this wrong!)
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