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Default Re: Top 10 Misused Words

My first instinct when I hear about initiatives like this is to think what a bunch of unbearable pedants they must be.

My second is to want to read through every bit of their website looking for errors.
(Nice use of the 'dog's bollocks' punctuation mark in the quote below; personally I would have used a semicolon.)

We can raise issues in our journal, QUEST or in our blog pages:- listen to the radio, watch television and read the papers and tell them when they have got it wrong:- form pressure groups (branches of the Society), in the regions and make ourselves known to the Education Authorities, libraries, local newspapers and broadcasters.
And yet, and yet... I am sometimes shocked by the errors I occasionally come across. A recent example was a legal document which had the words 'formally known as' where it should have had 'formerly known as'.

Part of the problem is the gulf between one perspective and the other. On the one hand you have people who feel it is their mission in life to eradicate every misused apostrophe and split infinitive, and on the other, people who don't much care about formalities as long as they feel they are getting their message across.

And of course most of us are at neither extreme, but rather somewhere in the middle.

I think I agree with bill, but I also think it's only the frothing-mouthed linguistic hardliners who are going to care enough to set something like this up.

I think I'm more of a fan of the Plain English Campaign, but their aims are slightly different.
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