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Default Re: OLD WOLF - a short story

amarie wrote:
'Lelya, I'm sorry if you think this sounds a bit harsh, but surely this is the sort of detail that we don't need on the Palimp?!'

Erm - not sure what has offended you in my post, amarie. Surely pre-menstrual tension is not a dirty word on the palimp? I agree that in-depth discussions of bodily functions or sex may not be appropriate and may well offend some, but even the most conservative broadsheets carry columns by female columnists who mention the way mood fluctuates with hormones. Plus I was mentioning it in a jokey way, if you look at the context. So you think all the mentions of sex etc in jokes are fine but PMT sentimentality is filth??
I think your comment is a bit puzzling since you didn't write anything in the face of far more potentially offensive posts - eg a paedophilic joke. Plus there has been far more graphic talk of bodily functions on previous threads, not started by myself.
Btw, it's not 'lelya'.
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