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Sing ho, for decent telly on a Saturday night - Peter Ackroyd's The Romantics - which overdid itself a little on the visuals (this happened in London too) but was otherwise a very nuggety introduction to the birth and development of ideas behind that fulcrum of history - the French revolution. I liked almost all of it, bar the extensive brooding Ackroyd did on cross-channel ferries, and repreated images of blood trickling across frosty paved streets.

The dramatised pieces worked visually - couldn't fault any of the actors: David Threlfall excellent as Wordsworth, Dudley Sutton as Blake and David Tennant as Rousseau ( ), but they had a disconcerting and offputting way of dissolving into particles of golden light and toddling off into the ether when they'd said their bit. All a bit too much Dr Who, I think. Either that or the metaphor that they're with us still in our society, swirling around like golden cosmic dust.
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