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Default Re: Top 10 TV theme tunes

Been thinking about this all day. Seeing as I don't watch much TV these days my main criteria for choosing would have to be memorability and the instant nostalgia hit that hearing them gives me. There are a thousand TV shows I have watched over the years that I cannot for the life of me remember the music. For every Kojak, Dallas, Streets of San Fransico that I can just about drag out of the back of my memory there are a hundred that escape me totally Cannon, Harry O, Petrocelli, The Man From Atlantis, Land of the Giants, the Time Tunnel etc. etc. (I suspect only Gil has a clue what I'm talking about here).

So, things that instantly time travel me, or get me genuinely excited I am about to watch the show...
  1. Hawaii five Oh. Crap programme, great theme.
  2. The Avengers
  3. Space 1999 Utterly crap programme, great theme.
  4. Thunderbirds
  5. Stingray
  6. Hill Street Blues
  7. The end credits of Eastenders that thuddingsynthy OMG! drumbeat played over the final shot is sheer genius.
  8. Farscape First series. I wasn't too enamoured of the later slight re-workings.
  9. Twin Peaks
  10. But the best and Greatest All time brilliant TV Theme Tune of all time is : BATMAN dinnadinnadinnadinna! BATMAN! I will brook no argument. There is no other TV Theme that gets the pace and feel of the show over so quickly and succinctly and there is no way on earth you could forget what the show was called.
Nearly made its include: BattleStar Galactica (1980s version), Star Trek Voyager, Honk Kong Phoey, Mastermind, I Claudius, The Water Margin, Quincy...
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