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Yes the posturing, as I have hinted above, is her least attractive feature, or I should say was, as she does absolutely repent of all that arrogance-of-youth ("It was a stupid thing to say and of course I regret it" she admits now of naming herself Best Living Writer in the English Language all those years ago). She does still talk up the TV adaptation of Oranges although I never thought that much of it myself; it's certainly not a patch on the book. Curiously, because of that book and TV series she is thought of by many as an anti-religious - or anti-Christianity - writer. In fact she speaks now of having the Bible by her bed (King James of course, for the 'muscular' language) and reading it every day - she even quotes the Bible in her books (Gut Symmetries: "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.") and says that she was asked to do the introduction to the book of Job in the Pocket Canons series that were published a few years ago, but refused because she thought they were going to trivialise the text (Louis de Bernieres got the gig, minutiae fans). She even believes in God again. An example I suppose of the initial rejection (she wrote Oranges when she was 24) of that which was ingrained into her in childhood, and returning to it later in adulthood.
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