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Default Re: Book 54: THE HANDMAID'S TALE by Margaret Atwood

I thoroughly enjoyed THT but, like Russell, I think I need a re-read to get my thoughts more in order. I probably need to re-read this thread as well now but, in brief:

- I thought the book was believeable as a future dystopia, especially when you consider how quickly the regimes of Hitler and Stalin developed.

- I found parts of it uncomfortable to read, rather than hard to believe. It takes female experience to an extreme but I could see parallels to the way women are treated today.

- I disliked the part about the club where Offred finds Moira. It was the only section which failed to ring true with me.

- Finally, the end. I was prepared to find it unnecessary and tedious but, in some ways, following straight on from Offred's story, it made the whole thing more horrifying. To see a male professor making jokes about the harrowing experiences of the women, making jokes about the 'frailroad' and implying that it was a minor issue left me speechless. It was a very good representation of the way historians have been known to belittle women in our own history. It was also a good example of how the passing of time trivialises things which are devastating to those involved.
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