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Default Re: The Wonderful World of the Web

A simple idea in these times of entitlement: have people tell you what pisses them off, set it to music and have a choir perform it. Do it in several different countries and compare the results.

Birmingham: The bus is too infrequent at 6.30... and I'm thirsty!

Canada: Why are my feet so cold? Air Canada sucks!

Helsinki: We always lose to Sweden in hockey, and the Finnish language is bloody difficult to learn!

S:t Petersburg: You can't light your cigarette on the eternal fire! Why don't the Rolling Stones play here?

Hamburg: So much water and you can't get to it... and everything's too loud!

So what do we learn from this experiment in cross-cultural exchange? Nobody anywhere has enough time, everything's too expensive, no country likes their politicians, everyone hates public transport... and everyone is sick of people complaining all the time!
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