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Default Re: Kazuo Ishiguro: A Pale View of Hills

"Hello, Junk.Monkey-san. You are asleep again."
"Am I asleep again?, Nappi-San"
"Yes, you are asleep again."
"I wonder why I am asleep again." I said.
"I think it maybe this book." She said.
"I think I may agree with you."
"I am glad you agree with me. It is pleasant when people agree."
There is a long pause and I look at the thickness of the book. It is not a thick book. It does not have many pages. I see another character coming into the chapter.
"Hello, Subbutio."
"Hello, Junk.Monkey San. Why are you still only in this chapter? It is a very early chapter. It is only chapter four."
"I know Subbutio. I am very ashamed. That I am only in chapter four"
"So you should be. This is a very great work of art."
I fell silent for a moment.
"I am so sorry Subbutio and Nappi-San but I will have to leave now and find something interesting to dream about."
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