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Originally Posted by amner
and they say the graphic 'novel' is a viable art form. Not just a mouthpiece for some reactionary old tosser then?

Well, on the one hand as a rabid fan of most things that are graphic novels, I have to say that I am dissapointed that this new venture for Batman is so blatently poiltical. And yet on the other, I have to admit, that in one form or another, most mainstream 'comics' - Batman, Superman, The Fantastic Four to name but a few, have all carried some form of political bias. Look at the X-Men. Please correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't that carry the 'Peace and brotherhood to all' and the 'Do not discriminate because I am a minority and different message'?

Comics and graphic novels can be seen as a form of art. And as with any form of art they portray with them the opinions and messages of the artist. Can we really condone them for using that media for getting their voice accross? Or should we applaud them for having an opinion and getting it out there when so many turn away?

Please don't misunderstand me. I do not necessarily support what he is doing. I personally feel that this is another example of Uncle Sam leding the 'Great Americam People' around by their noses and then helping them to swallow vast quantities of manure. Lets face it. They have not exaclty been winning their "war", so they will use whatever they can to glorify Americana and deamonise everything else.

The problem that we have as intelegant people, is that we can't muzzle expressions such as these, or we play the role of the bad guys, trying to destroy "Freedom as we know it".

We can either accept this as the way its going to be, or we can start playing them at their own game, and fight fire with fire.

Lets face it, are we ever going to see Batman wielding a rubber hose and a pair of electrodes at Abu Ghraib? Perhaps we should.....

(many appologies for my spelling. I have a head cold and my brain has gone damp)
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