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A welsh rugby fan cut off his testicles after Wales' Six Nations win over England at the week-end.

Geoff Huish was so convinced England would beat the Welsh he told mates: "If Wales win I'll cut my balls off."

Friends thought the 26-year-old was joking. But after Wales' 11-9 victory in Cardiff on Saturday, he went home and carried out his promise.

He then walked the 200m back to the social club in Caerphilly to show everyone what he had done.

Staff dialled 999 and put his testicles in a pint glass packed with ice until help arrived.

One onlooker said: "He came back with his testicles in a bag.

"He lifted up his kilt and there was blood everywhere. It was terrible. That's when he collapsed."

Mr Huish is said to be seriously ill in hospital.

Police revealed he has a history of mental problems.
From Sky News. Still, you've got to admire his balls.
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