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19 Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2
Also not as good as the first, and overplays the emotional themes a bit for my liking, but entertaining enough.
18 The Trip to Italy
Not as good as the first, but still not bad.
17 The Trip
Not bad.
16 Gifted
Four stars might be too mean of me. A lovely film.
15 Kong: Skull Island
Quite a bit better than I anticipated. More fantasy than scifi, workaday characterisation on the whole, sets up the now inevitable franchisization of some Big Monster movies in the post-credits easter egg... but not bad overall.
14 Wonder Woman
Competent, but basically the same core story as Captain America only one World War earlier. More Marvel than DC, which means it's better than the other DC flicks but also a bit boring and samey.
13 Life
In space, no-one can hear you ripping off aliens very slowly.
12 John Wick - Chapter 2
Not as tight as the first, and it became progressively more like The Matrix as it went on, but entertaining enough.
11 Nebraska
Very enjoyable little story.
10 The Big Sleep
Not so much a script as a collection of great lines.
09 Manchester by the Sea
Not bad. A small story, nicely told.
08 Mary and Max
Great stuff, grey/beige humour with unexpected emotional depths.
07 Angel Face
A fun watch, surprising for the strange psychodrama gripping the female lead and the ambiguous did he get what he deserved at all of her rather self-serving beau.
06 Logan
Not the amazing breakthrough-for-superhero-movies I was led to expect, but a decent enough action road-movie. Reminiscent of Children of Men without being half as good.
05 I Am Not A Serial Killer
Another treat, due to not knowing what to expect. Has the feel of an 80s B-movie, or at least the kind of film that mimics such things (like House of The Devil did).
04 Moonlight
Excellent. One scene, the title-defining one, betrayed its sort-of theatrical roots and spelled things out more than was necessary, but I can't imagine I'll see a better film this year.
03 Under the Shadow
Quite a treat, as I didn't know what it was going to be outside of the most general terms. A clever piece of classic-style horror, playing the anxieties of the setting out in subtle, then overt, supernatural terms.
02 A Recent Planet of the Apes Sequel
The one that has a bunch of non-entities and Gary Oldman in it.
01 Rogue One
Aside from the final five minutes or so, I found this to be a waste of my time. While I quite enjoyed The Force Awakens, I didn't think it was particularly good. Now I've seen Rogue One, I look back on it rather more favourably...


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