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Originally Posted by Noumenon View Post
Nevertheless, congratulations to the US!
Thanks, and I'm optimistic that even though the next Supreme Court nominee will likely be a right-wing statist, we'll still have the libertarian balance we had before Justice Samuel Alito's untimely death, and continue to have decisions which (through winding and tortuous routes) benefit individuals over government.

The only truly disappointing ruling in the past eight years I can point to is Chief Justice Roberts' defense of Obamacare (which compels some Americans to buy overpriced, overtaxed insurance policies to finance giveaways of coverage to other Americans) under the taxation clause of the Constitution. But Congress and the new President are now agreed that this is an error in dire need of correction (so that working Americans can once again afford to actually seek medical care before their health deteriorates to the point they're hospitalized).
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