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Default Re: Palimplists 2016

04 The Claw of the Conciliator, Gene Wolfe
Second volume of The Book of the New Sun, remains an interesting but challenging read.
03 Cryptonomicon, Neal Stephenson
Is it wrong of me to call this "like a thinking man's Dan Brown"? Probably. What it actually reminded me of, oddly (maybe), was Theodore Roszak's Flicker -- a deep sinking into one niche of the world's culture, a historical conspiracy thriller on a fairly startling scale, and not exactly a science fiction novel (even though this one won notable awards as such, presumably due to the author's SF status). This is something I'll probably have to think about (and then review) at length.
02 WHAT IF?, Randall Munroe
It's that bit off of XKCD, but in a book. How can you mark it down?
01 The Meaning of Luff, Matthew Hughes
A collection of stories and novellas about Luff Imbry - a corpulent master-thief of humanity's penultimate age. Lots of fun.

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