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Default Re: Palimplists 2013

19 Lucky or Unlucky? 13 Stories of Fate, various authors
...of whom one is myself. Ahem. A collection of sf and fantasy tales by members of, my other semi-regular online stomping ground. We the contributors are more amateurs than pros on the whole, and in my opinion none of the pieces are flawless, but all things considered I think the kids done good.

18 A Song from Dead Lips, William Shaw
Hardly done any reviewing this year, have I? This one I ought to make an exception for, and I will write up a proper review at some point soon. I enjoyed this with a few minor hesitations (just one, really, but it kept recurring), but I'll certainly be happy to read future instalments. Well done, Mr. Shaw!

17 Devices & Desires, K. J. Parker

16 Mr. Vertigo, Paul Auster,

15 An Abundance of Katherines, John Green

14 John Dies at The End, David Wong

13 Dust (Silo Saga 3), Hugh Howey

12 Shift (Silo Saga 2), Hugh Howey

11 Useful Idiots, Jan Mark

10 Perdido Street Station, China MiƩville

09 The Mammoth Book of Best Steampunk, various

08 Old Man's War, John Scalzi,

07 The Shining Girls, Lauren Beukes,

06 Saturn's Children, Charles Stross,

05 The Spectacular, Keith Ridgway

04 Generation Kill, Evan Wright

03 Marooned in Realtime, Vernor Vinge

02 The Peace War, Vernor Vinge

01 Things the Grandchildren Should Know, Mark Oliver Everett
With his customary flair for picking seasonal gifts, my youngest brother gave me this autobiography of the musician-singer-songwriter behind one of my favourite bands, Eels, and I polished it off in just four sittings. In keeping with his music, it tells a short story that is by turns bitterly mournful and cheerfully upbeat, and does so with straight-forward language and humour that gives it the feel of a chat you happen to be having rather than one of those pompous pieces of literature famous and not-so-famous people tend to emit, which I never read, and so shouldn't go making assumptions about... anyway, I liked it a lot.

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