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Nearly 8 years ago, I wrote the following about Moulin Rouge:

Originally Posted by gil View Post
Moulin Rouge - a load of dingoes' kidneys, in my opinion. It was over-hyped, and I was pre-disposed to love it. And I liked Strictly Ballroom, and, I confess, I would give the set designer / artistic director of Moulin Rouge a heartfelt personal Oscar, but ...
  • Though I like many of the cast members, they shouldn't have been in a musical;
  • The script was tripe;
  • Much of the dialogue was lost in a sea of noise;
  • It did not suspend disbelief for a millisecond, so you knew you were watching a clever-clever performance the whole time

Having said all that, I am tempted to watch it again, expecting much less, and hoping I like it better.
So I watched it again, and I did like it better, though I do not withdraw a single one of my earlier comments.

The reason I liked it better, I suspect, is that I was watching it on a 48 inch HDTV screen, with the benefit of a 7 channel cinema sound system. The spectacle and the music were much easier to perceive, although the dialogue was still gabbled in a wave of noise.
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