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Default Re: 2010 Filmlists

74 Tron (the original one)
73 The Bad Lieutenant - Port of Call: New Orleans
72 To Kill a Mockingbird
71 Precious
70 Up In The Air
69 True Grit (the original one)
68 The Rapture
67 Ladri di biciclette
66 I Soliti Ignoti
65 The Red Shoes
64 Machete
63 The American
62 Gangster No.1
61 Out Of Sight
60 The Social Network
59 Marcelino, Pan y Vino
58 The Intruder
57 Talk Radio
56 Los Santos Inocentes
55 The Stuff One for JM, again. In this case, it was the internets coming to the emotional relief of my inner child, who had longed to see this based on the usual VHS rental trailer, but somehow never plucked up the courage knowing his parents would disaprove. End result: 25 years later, it turns out to be a load of old crap... but with a few strangely odd or amusing nuggets poking out to make its passing a little more noticeable. Not what it looked like in the 80s though.
54 The Aviator
53 Memento
52 The Producers The original and, I presume, best
51 Sin City
50 Brick
49 Bronson
48 Killshot The stars are exclusively for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is very good.
47 V for Vendetta
46 Inception
45 Le Salaire de la Peur (The Wages of Fear)
44 Juno
43 Crumb
42 American Splendor
41 Zombieland
40 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
39 Cache
38 Inception
37 Lemming
36 I Mostri ½
35 Creation
34 A Mighty Wind
33 The Long Good Friday
32 The Belly of An Architect
31 White Dog
30 Where the Truth Lies
29 Alice in Wonderland
28 The Last Temptation of Christ - in preparation for comparison with The Passion
27 Bullitt
26 The Dead Pool
25 Sudden Impact ½
24 The Enforcer
23 Magnum Force ½
22 Dirty Harry
21 Now, Voyager
20 The Fall
19 A Boy and his Dog
18 Iron Man 2 Was it? No, more like a at best.
17 Iron Man ½
16 The Book of Eli
15 Avatar
14 Star Wars
13 Shutter Island ½
12 The Men who Stare at Goats
11 In a Lonely Place
10 The Hurt Locker
09 Agora
08 Blood Simple
07 Il Postino
06 The Road
I can´t really post at the moment, so in brief: I thought it good, but I didn´t feel it all as strongly as in the novel. Hard to say why, although I didn´t really take to Hillcoat´s Aussie western either, so it may be partly the filmmaker. I dunno. Glad I didn´t take the g/f to this one as I´m pretty sure she´d have felt the time and not appriciated the experience overall. I´m pinning my hopes to The Hurt Locker (with an agony magnet) for my next top cinema experience.

05 Good That title... really brave decision
04 Sherlock Holmes
03 A Serious Man
02 An Affair to Remember
01 Where the Wild Things Are

First viewings in bold, repeats in grey

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