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Default 2009 Filmlists

84 Il Divo
83 Up
82 Occhi di Cristallo
81 Bull Durham
80 The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
79 Moon
78 Whatever Works
77 District 9
76 L.A. Confidential
75 Let the Right One In
74 Capote
73 The Collector
72 The Kon-Tiki Expedition
71 La Haine
70 Renaissance
69 Raging Bull
68 The Taking of Pelham 123
67 The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
66 Blindness
65 Push
64 Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed
63 The Exorcism of Emily Rose
62 Die Hard
61 Grand Theft Auto
60 Topsy-Turvy
57-59 The Lord of the Rings I was a bit of a bah-humbugger over the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Obviously they were very good, but I found them quite annoying as well. However, I've been forcing myself to reevaluate things recently (I'm enjoying Lost, for example, never thought that would happen) so, as I'm at my parents right now and as they have all three E x t e n d e d Versions, I thought, what the hell. Knowing my rather picky response the first time round I made a massive effort of disbelief suspension and, of course, I really enjoyed them. There are still things about it I find annoying, but it was easier to overlook them in the moment (I think I only imagined Frodo and Sam consummating their doe-eyed feelings for each other once). Nitpicking aside, it was a pretty amazing achievement; and, if I might be allowed to ram a sprig of holly through the heart of these newly positive observations, at least it means no-one else will feel they can get away with doing a remake. Not for a good few years, at least.
56 Los CronocrÃ*menes
55 Drag Me To Hell
54 Synecdoche, New York ?????
53 Vitelloni
52 The Third Man
51 Defiance ½
50 Inland Empire
49 Cul-de-sac
Stardust Memories
47 Exterminators of the Year 3000 , of course
One for Junkmonkey, this. Italio-Spanish Co-Production, filmed in a quarry, dubbed in a cupboard and featuring some hilariously crap exploding models in the closing minutes. Genre? A post-apocalypse water quest-er, complete with a pretends-not-to-care hero, a skinhead villain who insists on rudely calling everybody a "mother-grabber", an unexpectedly bionic sprog looking for his father (and a round of drinks) and a Deus ex Cumulous finale that rather makes you think everyone could have stayed at home and skipped all the killing. I only watched it in case it was the inspiration behind the Fallout series of computer games, which the premise made a possibility. It slightly lacked Exterminators, and since one guy in his fifties used to be an astronaut, the hero remembers petroleum making men rich and everyone drives dirt bikes and late seventies cars, I'm not totally convinced it involved the fourth millennium either. Still, it was this or The Da Vinci Code. It'll probably be that next...

46 Star Trek 90210
45 State of Play ½
44 Network
43 Whirlpool
42 The Day the Earth Stood Still The Klaatu Reeves version
41 Deep Red
1973 Don't Look in The Basement Pure quality
39 Wicked City
38 Tales from Earthsea Ghibli-Lite, but still okay
37 The Handmaid's Tale
36 Mutant Chronicles being unbelievably generous
35 The Sadist
34 Glengary Glen Ross
33 Once Upon a Time in the West
32 The Reader
31 This Is Not A Test
30 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
29 For a Few Dollars More
28 Fay Grim
27 Watchmen
26 Henry Fool
25 The Wrestler
24 Valkyrie
23 Carnival of Souls
22 A Fistful of Dollars
21 City of Lost Children
20 Slumdog Millionaire
19 Hell comes to Frogtown ½
18 Withnail & I
17 Milk
16 Doubt
15 Run Lola Run
14 Religious
13 Gomorra
12 UHF
11 Frost/Nixon
10 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
09 Equinox
08 Vicky Christina Barcelona
07 Office Space
06 Play It Again Sam
05 All The Boys Love Mandy Lane ...I think
04 Krull ½ to keep it in line with Ladyhawke
03 Changeling
02 Sleeper ½
01 Man On Wire

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