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kumquat 12th Mar 2005 12:22


rick green 13th Mar 2005 7:19

Here's an interesting sight by an American Situationist.

John Self 21st Mar 2005 11:15

Think Geek is an extraordinarily sophisticated spoof online store which for a moment I thought was real. Until I saw items like the Ambient Orb Device ("The Ambient Orb is a device that slowly transitions between thousands of colors to show changes in the weather, the health of your stock portfolio, or if your boss or friend is on instant messenger") and the George Foreman USB iGrill ("The low-fat, high-bandwidth solution to your networked cooking needs is finally here. The George Foreman USB iGrill conveniently connects to your home or office PC using USB 2.0 technology, and provides a sophisticated web-based cooking interface. Download recipes, enter in the type of food, weight and desired degree of doneness, and the iGrill handles the rest. Did you know that a medium rare 1/4 lb. hamburger made from 80% lean beef takes 1 minute and 45 seconds less cook time than an identical patty made from 95% lean prime Black Angus? The iGrill does").

HP 21st Mar 2005 11:57

Wonderful. And what wouldn't you give for that sexy must-have the 'Internet Urinal'.

jim 21st Mar 2005 14:49


gil 22nd Mar 2005 11:45

You still addicted, Jim?

jim 22nd Mar 2005 11:54

I think that cured me. It took about 10 minutes and became rather tedious.

Maggie 25th Mar 2005 17:14

Just started reading Calvino's novel. If On A Winter's Night........

Rick said that Invisible Cities was his favorite by Calvino. I found the above website which has pics of a hotel, in Italy, that was built based on the novel.

Great pictures :o Makes me want to go there !

Maggie (who obviously doesn't know how to import a website :? )

Oh, never worked :D

John Self 30th May 2005 13:17

'Interesting' website here,, which offers book recommendations based on up to four different characteristics chosen by you - from the likes of Safe/Dangerous, Easy/Demanding, Conventional/Unusual, Funny/Serious, Gentle/Violent, etc. etc. Probably more a novelty than anything else, though if you're the library type then it also provides a list of libraries in your area where the selected book is available to borrow!

John Self 30th May 2005 13:26

Ooh - and - I have just discovered you can also choose by character, plot, and setting. So let's see what it comes up with when I select the following:

Race: non-human
Age: 50+
Sexuality: bisexual
Gender: male

Plot: lots of twists and turns

Setting: Oman, Persian Gulf States

And the winner is ... Sorry. No books match your request.

Ah! I spy a gap in the market...

However, if I remove the plot and setting specifications, and just leave the demand for a bisexual male middle-aged non-human, it comes up with I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan. Cool.

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