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Ang 20th Jan 2011 21:26

East of Eden?
Some have expressed a desire to read East of Eden and my copy has arrived from the library... can it be Book 59?

Colyngbourne 20th Jan 2011 23:54

Re: East of Eden?
It certainly can. Thanks, Ang. It's my next read - probably by Monday, I'll be starting.

Paul 21st Jan 2011 0:02

Re: East of Eden?
I'd be on board, although my brother just borrowed my copy so I may be a bit behind.

Ang 21st Jan 2011 8:54

Re: East of Eden?
Okay, thread started, but I forgot to capitalize the title fully to make it match the other books... Col, can you correct it?

Digger 23rd Apr 2015 21:00

Re: East of Eden?
carpictures I think you may be in the wrong forum...

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