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youjustmightlikeit 12th Oct 2006 1:17

Paul Hunter
I haven't started a new thread in an age, and i realise that i might be in a minority of one when it comes to talking about snooker around these parts; but i'm going to say it anyway... Paul Hunter R.I.P

That guy was a quality player, none of your tut. Not just 'good', they're ALL 'good'; but 'class'.

Worthy of a beautifully put Martin Amis paragraph or two.


John Self 12th Oct 2006 10:04

Re: Paul Hunter
Yes, I was shocked to hear this the other morning. A real tragedy. 27 years old! :shock:

(If George Best had died at that age, Palimpers would have been nice about him too.)

leyla 12th Oct 2006 12:23

Re: Paul Hunter
From a female point of view, which is how I always observe football players too, may I say he was as beautiful as Beckham with none of the greedy endorsementitis of the latter.

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