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Stewart 20th Oct 2005 11:02

Seth Lakeman
Based on the strength of his second album, Kitty Jay, which was nominated for the 2005 Mercury I went along to see Seth Lakeman perform live.

First a few words on the album. It's an upbeat folk album (Lakeman plays violin and guitar) and its content revolves around traditional Dartmoor legends.

There were two support acts, Paul Malcolm, an acoustic fingerpicker who's guitar playing made up for the fact his lyrics weren't of much substance. The second band, the horribly named Team Salt, featured three guys: two of whom played guitar; two of whom sang. They were good, although the guy who played guitar and sang would do well to ditch his pals and go solo. He had the better voice than the main singer.

Seth Lakeman took the stage and the crowd cheered. A few problems to start with, sound crackling throughout the venue and the setlist was unreadable. Once he got started though, a few guitar numbers backed by a double bass and one of those drums you see the lass from The Corrs playing, he rocked. Or, er, folked!

The first few songs were unknown, probably as they were from his first album, The Punch Bowl, which just happened to be on sale at the venue. After these he switched to the newer stuff which gained much applause. When he sang Kitty Jay, he switched from guitar to violin and battered through it at a good pace. He's the first violinist I've seen to sing whilst playing. Those who watched Piers Morgan in The Death Of Celebrity might recognise the song from when he was saying who he thought had talent.

A few more songs, some old, some new, and we were getting into a good old hoedown. At some point a girl shouted out "I love you, Seth!" which had him speechless. No knickers, however, were thrown. By the end of the show everyone seemed quite satisfied. The band walked off to rapturous applause and then returned within the minute for an encore which happened to be a five minute fiddlefest. The crowd was stamping their feet, clapping their hands, and throwing in the occasional yeeha!

Recommended, if he's playing anywhere near you.

amner 4th Aug 2006 12:15

Re: Seth Lakeman

Originally Posted by Blixa
Recommended, if he's playing anywhere near you.

...and he was...

Miriamaok 4th Aug 2006 13:09

Re: Seth Lakeman
I saw Seth supporting Billy Bragg back in April and thought he was wonderful live. I have both cds but admit I haven't really played them much yet.

amner 4th Aug 2006 13:47

Re: Seth Lakeman
Three CDs now, Miriam...

Miriamaok 4th Aug 2006 16:32

Re: Seth Lakeman

Originally Posted by amner
Three CDs now, Miriam...

Thanks - added The Punchbowl to my very very long wish list!

amner 6th Oct 2006 13:26

Re: Seth Lakeman
Off to see Seth at the Junction in Cambridge on Tuesday.

Amusing aside on the Junction's website, apropos our Chris Martin discussion on the Extras thread, it mentions that Seth had been:


...short-listed for the most sought-after prize in British music, the Nationwide Mercury Music Prize, alongside the likes of Kaiser Chiefs and Coldplay. Unlike Coldplay’s album, Seth's Kitty Jay was recorded for around £300 in the kitchen of his brother's Devon cottage, taped with the fridge especially unplugged and in-between playtimes at the local school.

Stewart 6th Oct 2006 13:38

Re: Seth Lakeman
I think Kitty Jay was better than the follow up, Freedom Fields. I've had The Punchbowl, courtesy of a friend, sitting on my shelf for some time now, and still haven't got round to listening. Perhaps I should.

amner 11th Oct 2006 16:36

Re: Seth Lakeman
Saw Seth last night and I have to say that he was bloody good. But I was probably one of only thirty odd fellas there, the rest was wall to wall swooning laydeez. Talent, money and good looks aren't everything, girls.

Anyway, here's a very cheesy vid for Kitty Jay (best listened to rather than watched). Super song.

Digger 1st Dec 2006 10:53

Re: Seth Lakeman
Just bought Freedom Fields last weekend. I love it, particularly the first track - Lady of the Sea.

I've heard other tracks, I guess from Kitty Jay, but don't so far have any other albums. Must rectify that if, as you say Stewart, it's better than FF!

MikeMk1 5th Jul 2007 9:49

Re: Seth Lakeman

Originally Posted by amner (Post 45536)
Saw Seth last night and I have to say that he was bloody good. But I was probably one of only thirty odd fellas there, the rest was wall to wall swooning laydeez.

Presumably why the promo video to Lady of the Sea shows him entering a wet t-shirt competition.

No apologies for dragging this thread back from last December - I was blown away by his performance at Glastonbury the other weekend, and might just have to book for his Poor Man's Heaven Tour this Autumn.

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