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HP 14th Jun 2005 15:04

A bit of fun ......
Seems like it’s a slow day here at Palimpcity, so perhaps a little quiz is in order. Listed below are 10 cryptic clues – some a little tricksy, most fairly easy-peasy. See how you get along with these. Oh, and there’s a slight twist which should help you. The answer to the first question gives you the first letter to each of the answers. e.g. The answer to Q2 will start with the second letter of the answer to Q1, and so on. Look for anagrams, hidden words, reversed words, homophones, etc.

1. Man in charge of unusual stamp store. (10 letters)

2. Flower found in porch, identified. (6 letters)

3. Fashionable trams return. (5 letters)

4. Tibetan god holds dance. (5 letters)

5. Damage metal bird. (6 letters)

6. "Gold God of North" writer. (6 letters)

7. Hide away small designer hats. (5 letters)

8. Follow path. (5 letters)

9. Serious Hemingway pronouncement. (7 letters)

10. French road alternate route. (3 letters)

amarie 14th Jun 2005 15:24

1. Postmaster
2. Orchid
3. Smart
4. Tango

amarie 14th Jun 2005 15:26

8. Trail?
9. Rue?

amarie 14th Jun 2005 15:28

9. Earnest

HP 14th Jun 2005 15:39

Wow! amarie - you're far too good at this! All present and correct so far ....

amarie 14th Jun 2005 15:55

I'm completely stumped now!

HP 14th Jun 2005 17:06

Nah! Take heart - it's the mucky rush of inspired answers earlier wot has temporarily bejaxed the amarie grey matter. Want a little more time or a teensy-weansy sliver of a cluette for the remaining three?

nedro 14th Jun 2005 22:33

minds if I butt in?

5. martin

6 author

7 stash

HP 14th Jun 2005 22:46

Woo-hoo! Perfick! Oooh, ever-so-well-done amarie and nedro for getting 'em all licked. Me thinketh I shall have to make them a leetle beet more chin-scratchingly tricksy, next time ..... (hmm - these folk are seriously gooooood ....)

gil 15th Jun 2005 10:22

More difficult? I didn't get 5 and 6 even when I saw the answers!

Oh wait a minute. Mar Tin. OK.

Au Thor . Yeah, right.

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