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bill 4th Jan 2011 2:11

Recent Purchases 2011

Sorry, if I have the capability to make this a "sticky", I don't know how to do it.

David 4th Jan 2011 10:56

Re: Recent Purchases 2011
Bought this on Sunday with some book tokens from last Christmas that I found buried in a drawer whilst digging around trying to find a box of drawing pins:
And then yesterday (using my annual DACS Payback money, which is like a visit from Santa for any visual artist) I ordered one of these:

elwood 5th Jan 2011 17:02

Matt Beaumont: e Squared (2009)

bill 7th Jan 2011 0:14

Re: Recent Purchases 2011

chrisphillips 7th Jan 2011 8:38

Re: Recent Purchases 2011
I congratulate you on successfully getting Wolf Amongst Wolves home without suffering a hernia, bill. It weighs more than most dogs.

Anyway, new to the Phillips shelves are:

Iris Owens - After Claude
James Womack - Let's Put The Future Behind Us
David Simon - Homicide: A Year On The Killing Streets
Darcy O'Brien - A Way Of Life, Like Any Other
William Maxwell - They Came Like Swallows

Paul 8th Jan 2011 3:00

Re: Recent Purchases 2011

Mookse 8th Jan 2011 3:18

Re: Recent Purchases 2011
I love John Williams, Paul, and Augustus is fascinating. Have you read Buthcer's Crossing? It takes place in Colorado . . .

KevinfromCanada 8th Jan 2011 5:51

Re: Recent Purchases 2011
Paul: I certainly hope you report on The Big Sky when you get to it. I love the cover with all it implies for my interest in Western fiction -- and having Stegner introduce it adds four or five points to viability. I have only heard of it marginally and never investigated it so your thoughts would be most welcome.

amarie 8th Jan 2011 23:57

Re: Recent Purchases 2011
As I read absolutely bugger all last year I'm determined to try something decent this year. I had started, and got half way through, Brideshead Revisited which I was really enjoying, but have left it in the States when I woke in a panic to realise that I had precisely one and a half hours to get to the airport and check in. D'oh!

So, to ease myself in gently I bought Double Whammy by Carl Hiaasen and one of my brothers gave me as a Chrissy present Letts Rip! Inside the Parliament of Fools.

Number6 9th Jan 2011 1:21

Re: Recent Purchases 2011
Got a copy of Rafael Sabatini's "Scaramouche", but haven't had time to sit down with it properly. Love a bit of Swashing and Buckling and hope it's as good as Captain Blood.

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