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grendel 15th Dec 2005 13:41

What should the world do when the president,leader, and director of over 68 million people publically states that the Holocaust was/is a myth?

NottyImp 15th Dec 2005 13:44

Re: Iran
Source? Not that I disbelieve you, but I'd like to see the quotes in some kind of context.

Stewart 15th Dec 2005 13:49

Re: Iran
It was in the Metro this morning.

But, to save you running out to the nearest train station, here's the relevant article from the BBC Website.

NottyImp 15th Dec 2005 13:54

Re: Iran
I know, let's abolish religion! Just a thought...

Stewart 15th Dec 2005 14:04

Re: Iran

Originally Posted by NottyImp
I know, let's abolish religion! Just a thought...

That's his idea too; starting with Judaism.

gil 15th Dec 2005 14:58

Re: Iran
I keep wondering whether Saddam Hussein, megalomaniac though he was, was actually better for the region than the current situation. If he hadn't been such a blowhard and so determined to defy the UN he might still be there - like Mugabe.

grendel 15th Dec 2005 15:26

Re: Iran
Saddam Hussein...the guy who had rape-rooms and torture-rooms for his own people? The guy who many say was responsible for the mass-murders of hundreds-of-thousands of his own people? The guy who invaded Kuwait?

I think it's much better for the region to have millions of Iraqi's voting in their own government, than having a murderous dictator defying the UN, and the world over decades and decades.

gil 15th Dec 2005 16:25

Re: Iran
Saddam's downfall does not represent the last of the disgusting dictators in the world. He is just the one that had some oil on his land. I in no way excuse his behaviour, but everyone conveniently ignored his peccadilloes while he was buying arms from the West and attacking Iran. His mistake was to try and pluck the oil rich cherry of Kuwait in 1990. Up to that point he'd been regarded as a stabilising influence in the region.

ASHTAR 15th Dec 2005 20:54

Re: Iran
Stop desecrating our freedom. The people that died in 9/11 would tell you to invade Iraq.

John Self 15th Dec 2005 20:57

Re: Iran

Originally Posted by ASHTAR
would tell you to invade Iraq.

What, again? Didn't we get in enough trouble the first two times?

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