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NottyImp 23rd Jan 2005 11:31

Are the Tories doomed?
You know, I think they might be.

Colyngbourne 23rd Jan 2005 14:46

I think so. Political activity is dying out at a grass-roots level in conservatism (as well as other parties) so there is nothing left to draw on. I think that William Hague might one day return to front-line politics but not necessarily under the Tory banner.

John Self 23rd Jan 2005 15:21

'Dying out' being the mot juste. The average age of Conservative Party members is something like 67 - that's average age, meaning a lot of them are much much older.

kumquat 24th Jan 2005 0:28


bakunin_the_cat 25th Jan 2005 21:23

Personally, if the Tory party dies, I'll be lighting a torch and dancing naked on the gravestone. Not that New Labour is much better but I don't hate them. I'm saddened, disapointed and tired of such cynicism but it doesn't go down deep into the marrow of my existence.

NottyImp 25th Jan 2005 22:24


I'm saddened, disapointed and tired of such cynicism but it doesn't go down deep into the marrow of my existence.
Count yourself lucky, it does with the Tories. :lol:

John Self 2nd Feb 2005 14:40

Although I believe that serving governments should campaign on their record and not negatively, I couldn't help but like this potential election poster on Labour's website:

youjustmightlikeit 3rd Feb 2005 8:12

The tragedy is that the one in the middle was good in the parliamentary debates, and has quite a healthy sense of humour. He'd have to wouldn't he, because nobody seemed to notice, or care. Poor bastard.

Wavid 15th Feb 2005 10:02

I notice the picture of Hague they use is when he was at his geekiest, what with the fluffy side hair, which he has now shorn right off. But the picture of Howard is a classic, The Labour campaign wonks must have been delighted when they found that.

Talking of negative campaigning, as the Right Honourable Mr Self was, that blast against Howard by our Tone at the Labour Conference was a bit nasty, wasn't it? Looks like this election is going to be long and unpleasant.

John Self 15th Feb 2005 10:11

I didn't see that, what did he say?

Did anyone see Michael Cockerell's No More Mr Nasty, his portrait of Michael Howard on BBC2 on Saturday? It really just confirmed that he hasn't a cat in hell's chance of winning the next election. The low point was the summit of losers when he gathered round a table to get advice from ... John Major, William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith! Oh, and Ken Clarke. Then Howard got locked out of the room they were in after talking to Cockerell outside... Best bit was seeing him almost in tears - whether of self-pity or apoplexy I don't know - when Cockerell got him to watch the clip of Anne Widdecombe slagging him off in the Commons. And his response to a very funny Rory Bremner clip where he impersonated Howard giving an interview in response to his "ten words to remember" campaign (which was: Lower Crime, Better Health, blah blah, sort of out-Labouring Labour for feelgood vagueness). Bremner, as Howard, was asked whether the thick British public could be expected to remember ten words. Howard agreed, adding "so we've boiled it down to just four words: Less tax ... and less blacks!" Entirely unfair but very funny, and it had Howard fuming.

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